Make Your Stand

November 8, 2011

Today is Election Day throughout the country, and although there aren’t many significant local races-with the exception of a contested District Attorney’s race in the borough of Staten Island-there is a monumental recall election taking place in Legislative District 18 in the State of Arizona. That is where Senator Russell Pearce-the author of SB 1070, the law that sparked a revolution in our country’s approach to immigration enforcement-is being challenged by a cadre of open borders advocates, leftist union officials, and RINOs who have conspired to recall one of Arizona’s most effective public officials.  If these forces succeed they will not only intimidate other state legislators considering enforcement measures in their own states, but give succor to the many politicians who are doing their best to erode this nation’s immigration laws; that is why the outcome of this race is so important.

 For those of you who are living in his district, I strongly urge you to come out and support Senate President Pearce in his bid to stave off the charge of the open borders dogmatists. For those living outside of his legislative district, I’m imploring you to do whatever you can to help others vote for Senator Pearce. That includes phone banking, knocking on the doors of friends and neighbors who might need help traveling to their polling places, and promoting his campaign in the remaining hours of this campaign. Here’s a list of polling locations for tomorrow’s election. Do what you can to help him out, because the future of our movement depends upon tomorrow’s election results.


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