First To Fight

November 10, 2011

Today is the 236th anniversary of the United States Marines Corps, and we at American Rattlesnake would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the courageous, dedicated men and woman who have served or are currently serving in the USMC. I’d like to single out fallen Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who prior to defending the American homeland served as a police officer in Michigan and as a United States Marine. Even as the craven leadership of the Justice Department continues to obstruct a probe into the causes of Agent Terry’s death, to the consternation of his family, the questions of how and why he died remain unanswered. 

As we honor the heritage of America’s Marine Corps, let’s not forget the service this country’s few and proud have rendered to this country both in and out of uniform. And let’s remember that some, such as Agent Brian Terry, have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  

Semper Fidelis.


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One Response to First To Fight

  1. Dave Francis on November 12, 2011 at 11:34 PM

    It’s morally correct to look after our own suffering people first, as we have no obligation to foreigners, no matter their motherland? We have thousands of homeless veterans, left to wander in our streets; even single mothers with children, the sick and unwanted. We have our own share of poverty, without being responsible to people who have already scorned our laws. If Pro-illegal immigrant activists think they can intimidate pro-sovereignty entities, as akin to the Dept of IN-Justice is performing the same restraints against Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina—they are poorly mistaken—as there is a building strengthening majority of every walk of life, every American, called the TEA PARTY.

    In the Austin Daily Herald reports: “There are rumors people are losing their jobs at local plants as well, due to increased hiring scrutiny amid federal immigration programs. Displaced workers who fear being fired and/or deported are going to Arcadia, Wis., to work for the Ashley Furniture plant or to Postville, Iowa, or St. Joseph, Mo., to work at other meat processing plants.” Companies that have already violated ICE audits and prosecuted, have seen a large increase of regular Americans and lawful residents, lining-up for jobs—as illegal workers run off.

    Smith’s Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885) would require 100% of companies—large and small– to use E-Verify for all new hires within 2 years. This bill would also require all federal, state, and local agencies as well as federal and state contractors/ sub-contractors and critical infrastructure sites to use E-Verify within 6 months. Increase employer penalties and fines for knowingly hiring illegal alien workers. Require the Social Security Administration to send no-match letters to employers if a current employee’s name and social security number don’t match in their system. Require the Social Security Administration to notify owners of a Social Security number if their number is used multiple times.

    The name of the game from both sides is money and power. More votes for the Liberal Progressives, hidden away under the Democratic veil. Elitist Republicans like the way things on the beltway, as they have always been. Both parties will reclaim the ‘Pork’ and the special interests with the money bundler’s and the never ending stream of financial engineers from ‘K’ Street lobbyists. Only the TEA PARTY established as a majority in the Senate or House can return America to it principle foundations as written into law by our founding fathers.

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