Filling A Need That Doesn’t Exist

November 13, 2011

Yesterday’s Republican presidential debate didn’t offer us much in the way of substantive discussion, vis-a-vis immigration. Most of the evening was spent debating relevant foreign policy matters, such as the question of how each candidate would handle a potentially nuclear-capable Iran, what should be the government’s stance towards foreign aid to Pakistan, and what is the best exit strategy for Afghanistan.

However, the subject of unfettered immigration did not go unmentioned, because we had the opportunity to watch a great, albeit brief, ad from by Numbers USA. It puts to rest the notion, repeated by many of the candidates on stage during last night’s debate, that there is a need for yet more imported labor, despite the crippling unemployment that afflicts our national economy. It’s definitely worth watching, if only to illustrate the real issues that are not being discussed during the lead-up to next year’s Iowa Caucuses.

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