A Genuine Public Servant

November 9, 2011

I’d just like to add one last note regarding yesterday’s elections, which did not produce the results we were hoping for at American Rattlesnake. But as I emphasized in an earlier post, we are engaged in a long term battle to retake this country and the vicissitudes of individual political battles should not dictate how we approach matters as grave as the territorial integrity of the United States. Notwithstanding that caveat, one aspect of Election Day I did not enjoy was having to say goodbye to Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

For the better part of three decades Mr. Levy has ably served the people of Suffolk Couny in one capacity or another, maintaining a record of fiscal stewardship and popularity that would be the envy of any politician. What’s more, and unlike almost every craven, pandering pol in this state, he has consistently supported the interests of Americans over those of the La Raza lobby. Perhaps that’s why he has earned the enmity of every open borders advocate in the Tri-State Area, yet retained the admiration of hundreds of thousands of patriotic citizens who still believe in the Empire State. Although his attempt at securing the Republican nomination for governor several years ago was thwarted by an arcane, undemocratic proecedural maneuver at the GOP’s state convention, we continue to hope that Mr. Levy does not completely retire from this state’s political realm. We can only hope that he makes a bid for statewide office in the near future. After all, this state is in desperate need of real leadership.

Wherever his future endeavors take him, we at American Rattlesnake would like to wish Steve Levy the best of luck.  He is the embodiment of true public service, and reminds us that sometimes taking a principled stand is rewarded by intelligent voters.


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