The Fifth Column

October 7, 2011


One of those most inexplicable aspects of immigration policy in developed, Western nations is the tendency to give refuge to people who want to eradicate-or utterly transform-our way of life. While the media in this country often highlight the unresolved issues that stem from our shared border with Mexico, it rarely if ever discloses the fact that many migrants entering the country illegally are not Latin Americans, let alone Mexicans. The number of  aliens from state sponsors of terror-or merely Arab-Muslim nations where anti-Americanism and Islamic extremism are rife-crossing our border is increasing. What’s more, even the immigrants who come to this country legally pose grave risks to Americans, especially when they retain the same deep-rooted values that made their countries of origin so hellish they were forced to flee to the United States.

Unfortunately, the September 11th massacres, the July 7th bombings launched by British Muslims against London, and every subsequent attempt-successful or failed-at obliterating markers of Western culture or annihilating non-Muslims inside of the West has been met with a collective shrug by those ensconced in power, who continue to extol the virtues of open borders and espouse multiculturalist dogma. And while the efficacy and constitutionality of Anwar al-Awlaki’s assassination is debated throughout the blogsophere, no one asks why his parents-born in a country where antipathy towards Americans and Western norms is nearly universal-were allowed to immigrate to the United States in the first place. Only in certain quarters, which up to this point have not influenced immigration policymaking, is the notion that some immigrants might not be potential Americans even suggested.

To find concrete examples illustrating the insanity following this policy to its logical conclusion produces, you need not look very far. In Australia, an Algerian-born illegal alien was recently spared trial for conspiring to murder scores of Australian civilians. In the United Kingdom, yet another Islamic terrorist has been granted virtual immunity for his crimes by the British legal system. The generous freedoms afforded to defendents in our culture’s criminal justice systems, in concert with the decadent multiculturalism that has prevented the assimilation of foreigners, combines to undermine the fundamental structure of our society. The solution, of course, is to prevent this conflict from occurring in the first place, i.e. imposing rational, sensible immigration reforms. However, that is unlikely to occur so long as the ruling class in the United States, Europe and elsewhere are possessed by mania that prizes diversity and multiculturalism over the lives and values of their ostensible countrymen.



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One Response to The Fifth Column

  1. MinutemanCDC_SC on October 7, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    “Self-humiliation”, “self-abasement”, or scourging oneself, is the phenomenon of punishing one’s self to attempt to atone for one’s sins. It appears among people who do not understand or assimilate the gospel so as to be saved, that:

    Jesus Christ died as the only and all-sufficient sacrifice which atones for our sins,
    He was buried for three days and three nights,
    and He rose from the dead, presenting Himself alive to believers over a period of forty days and nights, after which He ascended to heaven from whence He came, returning to His former and eternal position as God the Son and King of the universe, seated at God the Father’s right hand.

    Self-punishment in Western civilization is hardly “inexplicable” to those who have been saved from punishing themselves by trusting in our Substitute’s punishment on our behalf and in our place.

    But self-punishment does account for “white guilt” propelling Mr. Obama to his present post as pseudo-President.

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