The Fight Continues

October 15, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I attended a fascinating conference on immigration organized by the CUNY Graduate Center, which I will explore further in  future posts. However, I’d be remiss in not reporting a decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to enjoin parts of Alabama’s landmark immigration enforcement law. While the court blocked some parts of HB 56, it did allow some very important sections of the law to be implemented, including one that allows law enforcement officers to ascertain the immigration status of people they suspect might be in this country illegally. Although this decision will probably be hailed by open borders lobbyists looking for political victories denied to them by voters, the fact that police officers have been given the green light to maintain the laws our Executive Branch is neglecting to enforce is a significant victory for Americans. 

 Even as the Department of Justice attempts to thwart the wishes of Alabamians and consistently ignores the will of the American people by siding with opponents of HB 56 in every conceivable way, that state’s public officials-just like Governor Jan Brewer and State Senate Majority Leader Russell Pearce in the similarly besieged state of Arizona-are not backing down. And regardless of how the federal courts interpret the constitutionality of Alabama’s new law, I think that is the takeaway from recent developments. We can’t be cowed into submission by the open borders demagogues or their allies, either in the media or in the White House. If Alabama and Arizona can stand up for their country, the least we can do is stand together with them in solidarity.

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