All in the Family

August 29, 2011

In what has become an increasingly routine occurrence, an illegal alien was arrested last week for crimes committed in Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts. The fact that someone here illegally would be detained for crashing into the car of a Massachusetts police officer is not surprising, unfortunately. What makes this particular case of criminality unique, however, is that the perp in question is Onyango Obama, the half-uncle of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Like many illegal alien absconders,  ICE has an outstanding warrant for his arrest, and has in the past ordered him deported to Kenya.

Whether this particular Obama relative falls under  the purview of the administrative amnesty his administration is planning to implement is a question left unanswered. However, the fact that his first response, upon being arrested, was to demand a telephone call to his half-nephew in the Oval Office demonstrates the impunity with which he-and millions of other illegals-violate the law. He needn’t fear being punished, let alone being deported. And the staggering sense of entitlement felt by Onyango isn’t limited to him alone, as our previous reportage on Aunt Zeituni, another member of the extended Obama clan, makes clear.

While I would like to think that President Obama’s unstinting support for open borders, and concomitant disregard for our nation’s immigration laws, is borne out of political conviction-however misguided and destructive-the fact that so many members of his extended family benefit from this unequal application of the law smacks of nepotism. After all, were you or I detained by the police for driving under the influence, I doubt we could fall back on the excuse that we were distant relations of the President. Just like Aunt Zeituni, I doubt Uncle Onyango will be held accountable for his actions. Apparently, being illegal-or even doing things illegal while you’re illegal-really isn’t a crime.

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