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July 25, 2011
I just received word of a rally taking place this thursday protesting SB 1070, whose anniversary happens to occur later this week. The president of New Yorkers For Immigration Control and Enforcement has decided to stage a counter-demonstration in order to show our support for the efforts of Governor Jan Brewer and the state of Arizona. You can find all the details you’ll need in order to attend below, courtesy of Joanna.  
Many of you probably remember that this July 29th marks the one year anniversary when Arizona’s SB 1070 went into effect (with some sections of SB 1070 were placed on hold).  NY ICE full supports SB 1070, of course.
Our opposition remembers it too, and plans a protest in front of 26 Federal Plaza (yes, *another*) for this Friday, July 29th, 2011.
They will be having another press conference, and we need to be there so that the press can hear our side, the *accurate* side!!  Remember that without NY ICE’s presence, the ONLY side the press or the public sees is our opposition’s. I know some of us use our lunch hour for these counter protests, and I am so grateful that you do that, and it makes a difference!
They are calling their protest the ”Jericho Walk”, and it should be replete with pseudo-religious figures getting involved in the issue of our nation’s sovereignty.  They will, once again, antagonize us by calling us ”racists”.  Always respond that illegal is NOT a race.  And, there is NOTHING racist about wanting to have OUR OWN immigration laws enforced *for a change*.
Also, they may say that is up to the federal government to enforce immigration laws, not the states.  We need to remember that the federal government has FAILED to do this, and Arizona BEGGED the feds to do it before taking the matter into its own hands.  The rest of the states should follow Arizona’s lead in this.
Here are the Details, and a blurb from our opposition’s propaganda appears below them.
WHAT:  NY ICE Counter Protest in *support* of Arizona’s SB 1070
WHEN:  July 29th, 2011 (THIS Friday) at 12:30pm
WHERE:  26 Federal Plaza between Worth and Duane Streets in Manhattan
BRING:  Anti-amnesty signs and/or signs that are FOR Arizona’s SB 1070.  Bringing a sign will increase your visibility greatly.  Wear your NY ICE Tshirt, if you have one.  Bring cameras, if you have one.  Bring whistles.  Bring prepared sound bites for the press, and, if you can’t think of any, just say “Illegal is NOT a race”. 
CONTACT:  Please contact Joanna at to let her know if you can come.  Many of you aren’t rsvp-ing.  Please do!  I keep a lookout for you when you tell me this, and it lets me know how many to expect.
Here’s the other side’s propaganda:
Join us in marking the one year anniversary of the date that Arizona’s draconian immigration law SB1070 went into effect and in demanding an end to the increase of enforcement, detention and deportation! Elected officials, business and labor leaders, community members, faith leaders will come together to say: Give us all the Right to Remain! 

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