Rating The Presidential Hopefuls

January 31, 2011

Kudos to our friends at Numbers USA for assembling a fantastic immigration scorecard ranking each of the presumed or rumored about presidential candidates based upon their public stances on various issues of concern to their organization.

Roy Beck has also released some new, unsettling information about Governor Haley Barbour which has led his grade to be reduced even further, as well as Governor Tim Pawlenty’s to be upgraded in the eyes of Numbers USA.

The one qualm I would express about their grading system is the short shrift given to Sarah Palin. Although I don’t personally believe she will run for the office  in the upcoming presidential election, I think that she has thus far espoused a pretty compelling position on the immigration issues that will be debated during that campaign. She has been an early and consistent supporter of SB 1070, as this ABC News article makes clear, and even gone so far as to unequivocally, if a bit retrospectively, condemn President Ronald Reagan for signing the Simpson-Mazzoli bill into law during a Fox News interview with the typically obnoxious host Bill O’Reilly.

I’m not sure why Sara Palin was given such a low grade, but I can only assume her role as running-mate to Senator John McCain, Numbers USA’s bete noire, in 2008 had something to do with it. Leaving that aside, the rest of the grades are worth examining and contemplating when deciding who you are going to support in the next presidential election.

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