Criminals And The Communities Who Love Them

January 23, 2011

A story so familiar to us that I almost hesitate to post it. Yes, yet another community-not a community of Americans, mind you-is outraged that the federal government is enforcing laws that criminalize being a criminal.

Here’s the full, disgusting story.

Essentially, the Department of Homeland Security arrested or detained several dozen illegal aliens who had been engaging in document fraud, identity theft and unspecified other crimes within Ellensburg, Washington. Of course, this has prompted howls of anguish and fury from the community of illegal aliens that DHS has targeted.

As we’ve seen in the past, this hysterical reaction is nothing new, unfortunately. The heretofore lax, tacitly pro-amnesty leaders of federal agencies charged with ensuring our nation’s homeland security and the integrity of its borders decide to finally crack the whip and stage an immigration raid. The “community,” filled with people who were never granted permission to remain in this country and led by opportunistic politicians, then proceeds to bemoan the harsh tactics of federal law enforcement agencies.

This is something that we’ve become accustomed to, but something else that we seem to have become inured to is the continued indifference of these same agencies to the threats posed by illegal aliens. You need go no further than the bottom of the article I’ve linked to in order to discover how little the federal government’s attitudes towards IAs has changed, despite the new administration.

DHS said the 16 others were taken into custody on administrative immigration violations. Three of them were released “for humanitarian reasons” while they await a hearing before an immigration judge, and the rest are in the custody, according to DHS.

In other words, Catch and Release. The fact that this practice continues despite its lethal consequences illustrates the fundamental lack of seriousness of our government in addressing this issue. The fact that this raid occurred is good news, but it doesn’t mitigate the harm inflicted by the government’s haphazard enforcement of our laws. It certainly doesn’t do anything to address the fact that there are large swathes of this country filled with people who view those laws with as much indifference-if not antipathy-as the chief executives of our nation’s top immigration enforcement agencies.

Something in this equation has to change if we are to ever hope of making progress in reasserting our national sovereignty.

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