December 18, 2010
By G. Perry

I’ll delve deeper into the reasons why the DREAM Act failed, but now it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, because WE WON!

I just wanted to extend my many heartfelt thanks to all of the anti-amnesty, pro-American immigration enforcement activists who made this possible. Make no mistake, if the Senate had its way this monstrosity would have sailed through with the approval of the open borders lobby masquerading as a vigilant press. It’s because of you and your tireless efforts to defeat this that we can now celebrate a hard-won victory. 

Expect to read much more on the subject of chain migration, the war occurring along the American-Mexican border, and many other subjects that had to be neglected out of necessity while we focused exclusively on defeating the resurrected DREAM Act. Let’s work to make this legislative win the first step on a long road to reclaiming our nation’s sovereignty. 

Like a good friend says, “WE ARE THE PEOPLE!”

And we showed them that today.

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