Reform? Read The ‘Tea’ Leaves, Padre.

November 8, 2010

If you have read the online postings since the tsunami of GOP election victories, one gets the idea–which is not unwarranted–that with this new, refreshing realignment of power, the thorny immigration issue will be tabled.

Quite the contrary, it is not being tabled. The reform will consist of fixing the peculiar ideas of prior champions of upending and overturning our formative Constitution. Reform will consist of adherence to the laws and statutes of this country and our states. We have laws aplenty, but they have been ignored and flouted, mocked and ridiculed. The sitting, 44th President of the United States, who is now spending our billions for no discernible reason in other countries, has issued warrants against one of our beloved states for standing up to the tyranny of lassitude and benign neglect.

Naughty Arizona! How dare you defend your people and your state?! Let me, the brazen one without a clear understanding of the Constitution, sue you for your audactity at trying to oust the unconscionable and unwanted.

Why is the issue of immigration being tabled? For one thing, legal immigration is not an issue. Most of us, many of us, are legal immigrants. I am.

Then for what reason? For the chimera of jurassic era political correctness, which sacrifices hundreds of lives to rapists, thieves, criminals, dopers, smugglers and marauders creeping under our fortifications of national safety. For the peculiar ‘grace’ of losing millions of jobs–not the cream of the crop, perhaps, but certainly welcome to millions of us if we were given the chance to work them–to non-citizens.

For the dubious prank of bankrupting border-state hospitals, welfare systems and school structures to bring foreign and non-English-speaking aliens up to the level of education expected of locals.

For the dim privilege of emptying our country’s coffers in pursuit of radical notions of what is ‘fair’ to the Other, versus what IS fair to us.

So I say, instead of avowing that the GOP transformation of the backwaters of radical progressivism into long-maligned sanity, much-delayed sanity (not the Jon Stewart variety of anti-normal ”sanity” celebrated by bigot Yusef Islam/Cat Stevens several weeks ago in the shadow of the Capitol), I say that the nation can gratefully reclaim itself … for itself. We can assert our value to ourselves, assert our right to do the jobs available in our country, become educated in American schools for citizens of this country, provide a lending hand to those in need who are citizens and long-time legal residents of our great nation. We welcome the legal with open arms.

Further, we can think of this as ”reform,” since the left has for so long usurped the vocabulary of decency and co-opted reality to such an extent that we can now, just perhaps, read the “tea” leaves. Many of the illegals squatting unlawfully, driving boisterously on our roads, inhabiting our farmhouses, ransacking our cities and despoiling our deserts may read the message and…leave. Without the passage of vast new legislation. Reducing our inconceivable deficit and our suffering states’ glaring seas of red ink.

An oceanic lack of jobs engineered by the pod person living in the White House has begun the exodus. Many have already departed back to their original homes, reducing the in-trafficking of masquerading Middle Easterners packing heat of a different variety at the same time. Also, alleviating the unholy burden of border guards, still far too few, abstemiously denied support by his Brashness-in-Chief.

This new encouraging vote that expresses the will of millions upon millions of the utterly fed up might accelerate the long-prayed-for departure of the 20-million-plus unresidents.

As they say when you exit the jumbo airbus: B-b-bye, now.

Adios, amigos illegales.

marion d s dreyfus      .    .    .         20(c)10

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