December 14, 2010
By G. Perry

One of the most troubling aspects of the current debate over immigration and national borders-other than the usual epithets lodged against those of us who care about our nation’s sovereignity, and the absurd postulations made by those attempting to convince us of the wisdom of open borders, esto perpetua, is the closed nature of the debate. The open borders lobby doesn’t want to engage in a genuine debate over the value of unfettered immigration to this country. It doesn’t want to even entertain the notion that 1.5 million immigrants per annum might be a tad much for America to assimilate-assuming that it’s the mission of these newcomers to assimilate, an assumption most of the lobby categorically rejects. The only thing to be discussed is how many more should be admitted and naturalized, and how much we can expedite the process.

The discussion over the DREAM Act’s immiment passage  is a perfect illustration of this skewed dialogue, which is really nothing more than a monologue carried on by the advocates of open borders-who see this as a “down payment” on future, more inclusive, amnesties. And there is no voice more reflective of this tendency to drown out contrary points of view than Latina Lista, a blog run by a “syndicated journalist,” something I had never heard of until I stumbled upon her site, which pops up whenever you search Google for late-breaking news about immigration reform. Focused almost exclusively upon the wonder of Latino immigrants and celebrating the accomplishments of illegal aliens from Latin American nations, the balance of Ms. Trevino’s time is consumed with demonizing those benighted few who don’t share her fanatical devotion to open borders and her prioritization of race/ethnicity over patriotism.

Of course, you can’t comment upon her blog entries because that would leave open the possibility that she would have to defend her radical, pro-amnesty views, which is something that I can’t imagine her welcoming. Ms. Trevino has a standing invitation to debate the merits of unfettered, mass immigration and amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens-both policies I deduce she supports without reservation-on American Rattlesnake. We welcome people with differing viewpoints-in fact, I would venture to guess that most of the people who come across this site on a daily basis disagree with my philosophy, vis-a-vis, borders and immigration enforcement-and don’t feel the need to shut down debate in order to prevail in the war of ideas. 

So whenever you are ready, Marisa, feel  free to drop by and give us a piece of your mind. Something tells me we’ll be waiting a very long time. 

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