Update On DREAM Defeat

December 18, 2010
By G. Perry

Here’s the roll call vote listing who voted for and against cloture, courtesy of our good friends at ALIPAC. His vote for DREAM seems to indicate that Senator Webb is retiring after the next session of Congress. Either that, or he believes he can vote against the interests of Virginians with impunity and still be re-elected. We’ll see how that works out for him. Debbie Stabenow didn’t disappoint-her lock step voting for Senator Reid’s priorities means that she’ll be a fat target in the next election cycle. Senator Lugar proved once again why he’s one of the least-admired Republicans among conservative activists, and Senator Murkowski demonstrated once again why nepotism is ALWAYS a bad thing. 

For those of you looking for an impassioned, but eminently rationale, description of why the DREAM Act was such a horrible idea, I direct you the brilliant speech given by Senator Sessions, one of my personal heroes. Even though I’m descended from some proud Irishmen, I have to salute that very apt quote from Oliver Cromwell. If there’s any example of a lawmaking body that should have left town it’s this incredibly destructive lame duck session. Thankfully, we won this battle, but the fight is not over!

We’ll be back on the ramparts come January, rest assured. Until then, celebrate with your friends and family a victory for the American people.

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