Things Do Not Look Good

December 10, 2010

As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I can’t spin this in any other way. The President has been able to bribe some recalcitrant members of the House of Representatives into perhaps voting for his compromise on tax cuts with promises of greater ethanol subsidies.

The vote on a bill extending many of the Bush Era tax cuts could come as soon as monday evening, if this deal holds up, which isn’t a  guarantee. Once it has passed the House, and presumably the Senate, pro-amnesty Republicans, e.g. Dick Lugar and Bob Bennet, will vote to give another sliver of this country over to illegals and their extended families.

Keep in mind, Senator Reid will not bring DREAM up for a Senate vote if he has even the slightest suspicion that he will not achieve cloture, especially after the embarrassment he suffered today. There will be no cloture vote UNTIL Reid has finagled enough Republicans to vote for this nightmarish bill. The bill will either be defeated when this session of Congress expires in early January, or we will have another mass amnesty. 

I fear that the latter option is the more likely scenario, but the former is still possible if you continue your persistent lobbying against this horrible measure. That’s why you need to call the key members of the U.S. Senate listed in the updates I’ve provided in previous days. Hold their feet to the fire! Our prospects for thwarting DREAM look very dim, but there is still hope.

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