December 31, 2010

Courtesy of Talking Points Memo, we have a story about the potential for finding common ground on immigration enforcement in the coming year.Although skeptical that President Obama, let alone his ostensible allies on Capitol Hill, will pivot away from a full-throated legalization push, a collaboration between the President and the incoming House majority could be a potential political windfall for both parties, especially if it revolves around expanding the highly effective E-Verify program. In fact, many pundits, such as the politically astute Mickey Kaus, have argued that beginning to crack down on fraudulent, illegal alien employees through E-Verify would be obligatory before any new amnesty is even considered. So even the most ardent open borders supporters, under this scenario, would see the necessity of supporting employer crackdowns and tough interior enforcement.

I’m not certain that I would go that far, but the fact that immigration enforcement, rather than merely naturalizing millions of illegal aliens who are currently living here, is being discussed at the highest levels of the White House is a sign of progress in my estimation.

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