Injustice in the Keystone State

October 17, 2010

Let me preface this entry by declaring unambiguously that I don’t think getting into physical altercations with random strangers, even people who may be criminal aliens that are committing statutory rape-is ever a wise idea. Putting that caveat aside for a moment, I also believe that this verdict is a horrific travesty of justice, one that can only come about in a country that has forgotten the true meaning of civil rights.

For a full accounting of how Mr. Piekarsky and Mr. Donchak have been wronged, I suggest you visit the invaluable Diggers Realm, which has covered this miscarriage of justice from the very beginning and has an insightful post explaining how this dreadful verdict came to be and which political apparatchiks engineered it. 

Although this specific case might not seem like a watershed in the immigration debate, it is. It represents the depths that we sink to once we allow the ethnic grievance industry and their open borders lobbyists, e.g. MALDEF, The National Council of La Raza, LULAC, dictate our laws to us. The fact that constitutional and statutory law can be so manipulated in order to serve the interests of a belligerent minority should alarm all of us, regardless of our ethnic identity or ancestry. 

If this case strikes some as familiar, it should. Just substitute the names Campeon and Ramos for those of these two Pennsylvania teenagers and you’ll recognize a disturbing pattern. Unfortunately, I doubt that our current president, overseeing a Department of Justice that worked diligently to cook up these absurd charges, will grant any sort of clemency to these young men. That is why people of good will need to speak up in their defense. The only people whose civil rights were denied in this case are the two individuals who now face a life-time of imprisonment for simply defending themselves.

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  1. G. Perry on October 27, 2010 at 12:43 AM

    Which subject? The Barletta-Kanjorski race specifically?


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