Upcoming Protest

September 24, 2010

Recognizing that this is very short notice, we were just informed of a protest rally that’s going to be held tomorrow in the town of Concord, North Carolina. Its target is a high school in the town that has just decided to allow the Mexican consulate to establish a mobile office on campus.

The groups spearheading this rally, North Carolina Immigration Reform and Enforcement and Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, are focusing their ire on the possibility that this new outpost of Mexico will issue Matricula Consular identification cards. For background on why that is such a problematic idea I refer to you Heather MacDonald’s incisive reporting on the subject.

For those of you living in Dixie, who want to come out in support of American sovereignity, you can find all pertinent details about this upcoming protest at ALIPAC’s website.

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