Daily Rattle – Immigration News Summary for September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

Today’s news summary is short and bitter-sweet. Just like our mascot, the cause of immigration activism is bruised and battered out in the wild, but the fight for survival continues:

•  46 criminal gang members were rounded up by a joint federal-local task force in Oklahoma. 34 of those apprehended were foreigners from Mexico and other Central American countries.  ”We’ve got a serious issue in south Oklahoma City,” said Oklahoma state Representative Mike Christian, who has been pushing for stronger immigration laws. “We call it Little Baghdad and it’s because of these illegal alien gangbangers, which I call domestic terrorists.”

•  Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is forming a new posse. Posse 58, which will be composed of armed volunteers, will have the duty of enforcing immigration laws. Operating mostly in the desert, posse members will have authority to make arrests when under official supervision.

•  Australia has immigration problems of its own. The country is a destination for refugees from Southeast Asia. The government’s problem is trying to sort out which are legitimate refugees and which should be deported back to their home countries. Whith limited resources and heavy procedural burdens, the government can’t get the job done. Barely one percent of refugees end up being deported every year.

•  The Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), has endorsed Republican Sharron Angle for Senator of Nevada. Ms. Angle is running against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a close election. Harry Reid has drawn criticism from immigration activists for sponsoring the DREAM Act, which would lead to citizenship for over a million illegal aliens brought to the United States as minors. ALIPAC refers to it as the Nightmare Act.

•  Kansas Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach is working on legislation to deny citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. Mr. Kobach is helping Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, sponsor of SB 1070, craft the bill, but admits it will be difficult, as it is ultimately a federal, and not a state, issue. “Most countries — almost every country on earth — do not confer birthright citizenship,” said Mr. Kobach. To that end, he also supports federal legislation to stop “anchor babies” from providing a back door that allow entire families of illegal aliens from gaining US residency.

•  Harvard President Drew Faust visited Illinois Senator and DREAM Act co-sponsor Dick Durbin with an illegal alien in tow. The illegal alien, Eric Balderas, has notoriously flouted US immigration laws, yet continues to study at Harvard, and gets private meetings with US Senators inside the US Capitol building. Ms. Faust, despite admittedly harboring and trafficking in illegal aliens, remains at large. American-Rattlesnake was unable to get the Senator to comment on a proposal to allow juvenile car thiefs to keep the cars they’ve stolen and receive taxpayer-funded driver education courses.

•  Rattlesnakes bear live young. You can’t tell a snake’s age by counting the rattles. Juveniles form up to seven rattles joints in one year while adult snakes will only form one or two new rattles joints a year. Rattle joints break off naturally in rough terrain, but rattlesnakes in captivity can accumulate rattles up to 20 joints long.

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