Anarchy In The U.S.A.

August 10, 2010

We learned today, courtesy of the New York Times, that the Obama administration’s plan to subvert the legislative process, and grant amnesty by administrative fiat, was not merely a preliminary, bureaucratic memo. In fact, it is the official policy of the Department of Homeland Security to grant amnesty to select groups of illegal aliens. In this particular case, illegals who purport to be students are being given an administrative pardon by the agencies responsible for their deportation. Why? Because they are the intended beneficiaries of the DREAM Act, a legislative proposal that would-as the Times explains-grant permanent legal status to over half a million illegal aliens who have graduated high school, and who came to this country-mind you, illegally-before sixteen years of age.

As if the usurpation of the democratic, legislative process by unelected bureaucrats weren’t bad enough, we also discovered that this policy was not merely a matter of looking the other way. What is actually occurring involves the deliberate release of illegal aliens who are in detention, and who fit the qualifications of a congressional bill that has repeatedly been rejected by members of the House of Representatives.

In case after case where immigrant students were identified by federal agents as being in the country illegally, the students were released from detention and their deportations were suspended or canceled, lawyers and immigrant advocates said. Officials have even declined to deport students who openly declared their illegal status in public protests.

In other words, what we’re dealing with at this stage is not merely a government that is unwilling to enforce immigration laws it does not subscribe to-in effect, nullification on a federal level-but one that is willing to go to any, extraconstitutional lengths in order to enact its radical, open borders agenda. Is it any wonder that the men and women who serve under ICE Director John Morton have given him an overwhelming vote of no-confidence?

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