The New American Way

May 25, 2016

1919 U.S. newspaper cartoon: The American Legion prepares to hit a ball labeled "Bolshevism" with a rifle butt labeled "100 per cent Americanism." He stands above a quote from Theodore Roosevelt Jr.: "Don't argue with the reds; go to bat with them and go to the bat strong!" 29 November 1919 Published in the Portland Telegram. Author: McCall
Although American should probably be enclosed in quotation marks in this context. There are a lot of Latinos, i.e. anti-American Chicano supremacists-you can see how they choose to self-identify in this screenshot-rioting outside of Donald Trump’s rally in New Mexico¬†as we speak. I can’t wait to see how the mouldering representatives of Conservative Inc. continue to spin the presumptive Republican nominee as the biggest threat to our country, rather than the people who want to dismember it.¬†BTW, the wise elders of San Francisco have just reaffirmed their commitment to the sanctuary city policy which is responsible for the death of Kate Steinle, among many, many others.

Sleep tight, America.

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