Another Domino Falls

January 27, 2017

 A Miami-Dade Police Department cruiser, a Ford Crown Victoria interceptor, parked outside of Sun Life Stadium. Author: AdamFirst

Miami-Dade is the latest city to come to the realization that Donald Trump really is President of the United States. Just like the Sheriff of Suffolk County, Carlos A. Giménez has recognized the new reality of a federal government which will actually enforce its immigration laws. The Obama cronies who were placed within the immigration bureaucracy, who used their positions to implement unconstitutional amnesties, are in the process of being purged. Of course, our own mayor has continued to insist that he will defy federal and state laws in order to ensure the safety of criminal aliens. He and other blue state partisans, as well as their accomplices in the media complex, have yet to realize that no matter how much they whine, Hillary Clinton is not President and neither is Barack Obama.

A new era is upon us.


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