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June 19, 2016

Copa America Trophy, May 16, 2016 Author: Delta Airlines

Update: A great account of the evening on Yahoo Sports.

Those were not jubilant  Texans waving their state flag last night at the Copa America, but ecstatic Chileans celebrating their nation’s victory over El Tri. Their team’s 7-0 ass-kicking of Mexico’s hapless squad of sulking incompetents, to be precise. We don’t often discuss soccer tournaments at American Rattlesnake, but anytime the most loathsome fan base in the Western Hemisphere is forced to bathe in its own tears-on American soil, no less-we feel compelled to report the news.  

Just remember, Mexico fans, the beautiful trophy whose image you see above will not be visiting your nation’s capital anytime in the near future. It couldn’t happen to a classier bunch.

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