Darth Vader Summers In Orlando

September 23, 2015

Entrance arch at the north entrance to the Walt Disney Studios, home of the headquarters of the Walt Disney Company, on Alameda Avenue in Burbank, California. The Frank Wells Building is visible in the background on the left. (replacing an earlier photo also taken by Coolcaesar at same location on April 24, 2005). Author: CoolCaesar

The Center for Immigration studies has produced a brilliant satire of the unscrupulous policies pursued by the Disney corporation in its endless pursuit of cheap, imported labor. Its exploitation of the fundamentally corrupt, anti-American H1-B Visa program has been well documented, on this site as well as in many other news outlets. However, this comic dissection of Disney’s attempt at brand management in the wake of an attack upon highly skilled American workers captures the lack of ethics at the core of the open borders movement. It should be noted that these sorts of policies will be expanded if either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz is elected to the presidency, since both candidates want to add to the glut of non-immigrant visas already awarded to foreign nationals.

Kudos to CIS for bringing into stark relief, in an humorous manner, the dreadful policies that corporate lobbyists enact under the guise of a fun-loving mouse.




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