Right Again, Naturally

June 6, 2015


Once again, the warnings of our favorite member of the United States Senate-not that there’s much in the way of competition-have proven true, as a New York Times report about Disney’s exploitation of the fraudulent H-1B Visa program demonstrates. The case of Disney employees forced to train their foreign replacements is simply one of many instances where the true intent of this program, i.e. to replace skilled American workers with lower-paid imports from overseas, has been revealed. The entire system was created for the purpose of benefiting a few outsourcing companies and the corporations they serve, regardless of the incalculable economic and psychological damage it imposes upon scores of American workers.

As the inimitable Ann Coulter says, it’s a total scam,┬ánotwithstanding what the new oligarchs such as Bob Iger and Michael Bloomberg would have you believe.




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