Weird Tales

April 18, 2015

One of the more gratifying experiences I’ve had over the past year has been witnessing the support you’ve shown for Seavey and Perry on Culture. Although this podcasting experiment has ended, it left me with a deep appreciation for the world of film and film criticism and awareness of how much some of you love movies. That’s why today I’m devoting some time today to fellow cineaste Matt Pritchard, who’s in the process of crowd-funding a micro-budget horror/psychological thriller called Dearly Departed.

You can discover the origins of the film, the perquisites you will receive for donating to its production, and the ambitions of the filmmaker for this project by visiting his Seed and Spark page. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, you can also watch an in-depth interview of Matt Pritchard here. It should be noted that beyond the artistic merits of this endeavor, it’s also worth supporting because it will not be subject to the intellectually suffocating constraints of traditional copyright law, i.e. the public will be able to share, reproduce, and embroider upon this project once it’s completed. Because, like the invaluable artist Nina Paley, Mr. Pritchard does not believe in the economically and creatively stultifying concept known as intellectual property.

If that’s not an incentive to jump aboard this project, then I don’t know what is. However, I’ll let you cinema buffs be the judge.

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