April 16, 2015

Gilray's cartoon of William Pitt's 1798 income tax

After celebrating Wealth Confiscation Day, it’s only appropriate that we reflect upon what our government does with the thousands of billions of dollars Americans unwillingly render it each year. A particularly obscene program administered by the Internal Revenue Service is the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which is used by illegal aliens in lieu of a W-4. The purpose is ostensibly to help illegals working in this country to pay income taxes on undeclared-for obvious reasons-income they earned throughout the previous year. However, as Terence Jeffrey pointed out in his exhaustive analysis of the use of ITINs published two years ago, it is also used to reap the windfall of numerous tax credits to which these illegals are not entitled, including the lucrative Child Tax Credit.

So in addition to enabling the theft of the identities of law-abiding, productive members of society, this innovation by the IRS in 1996 also victimizes taxpayers a second time, by allowing the theft of even more wealth from an already overburdened American public. It would be difficult to find a more vivid illustration of both the cupidity of government and the insanity of this country’s open borders immigration policies, although I’m certain the collective intelligence of Washington D.C. will surely find a way to outdo itself in the years ahead.

After all, if there’s something the federal government is adept at, it’s screwing over the individuals whom it ostensibly serves.

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