Revisionist History

March 31, 2013

Cesar_chavez_crop2 Chavez speaking with Duncan West. The Delano UFW rally.

We’d like to wish our readers a blessed Easter, or a happy Passover-for those who are commemorating the Jews’ exodus from bondage in Egypt. Today also happens to be the birthday of Cesar Chavez, the founder of the United Fruit Workers and the force chiefly responsible for ending the notorious bracero program. It should come as no surprise that the open borders left, including Chavez’s former colleagues in the UFW, have exploited his legacy in order to pursue a policy of eradicating whatever meager immigration enforcement remains at the discretion of this administration. Even today, marches being held to demand millions of illegal aliens be given access to jobs, taxpayer-funded university education, and eventually, citizenship. 

Even as Big Labor and its corporate allies agree to sell American workers up the river in the latest round of Capitol Hill scheming, the history of this country is being distorted and manipulated in order to service the agenda of those who want to see their contributions erased from the new America. That is why it’s important to recount history accurately and forthrightly, and not use it as as a cudgel to beat your ideological enemies into submission. If you want to read what Cesar Chavez actually believed, I suggest you read an essay I wrote after the President had made yet another speech hijacking Chavez’s legacy in order to serve his party’s political agenda, which is predicated upon an endless supply of cheap votes. If we’re going to remember Cesar Chavez, the least we could do is acknowledge his struggle against corporate attempts to devalue American labor and government efforts at short-changing American workers and citizens.




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