State of the Union: Dismal

February 15, 2013

180px-Obamastateoftheunion2011 Source: Author: House of Representatives.

The President’s hour-long triumph was pretty much what we’ve come to expect from this annual, nationally-televised spectacle, including the requisite promises to create new federal programs that our perennially bankrupt government can’t finance without incurring even more debt-John Stossel has his version of what would be a more truthful State of the Union-and pledges to help, i.e. bribe, key constituencies within the President and Democratic party’s ruling coalition.

One of those groups consists of millions of individuals who, while unable to (legally) cast ballots for Democrats in federal elections, are being cultivated as a cornerstone of a future,  politically robust Democratic base. Although Barack Obama devoted a curiously small percentage of time to discussion of one of his party’s top priorities, what he did say about immigration policy was, as was to be expected, uniformly dreadful. For a bracingly honest dissection of President Obama’s speech, I recommend reading Derb’s latest column.

In addition to refuting some of the President’s more untenable falsehoods, he also tackles the response delivered by Senator Marco Rubio, who managed to evade the deep divisions which exist between the majority of lawmakers who represent special interests and the few who represent the views of actual voters. Finally, he also scrutinizes Senator Rand Paul’s embrace of  the repackaged amnesty proposal being floated on Capitol Hill, which is probably the most disappointing reaction, considering his principled stance on other issues of crucial import.

As usual, John Derbyshire has pointed out some rather uncomfortable truths about the ruling class and its ideologically blinkered mentality. On this subject, perhaps more than any other.

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