A Nightmarish Dream

June 20, 2012

With the Obama administration’s unilateral decision to ratify what up to this point had merely been a de facto amnesty-literally interpreting catch and release-and the cravenly insipid Republican response to the President’s latest patently unconstitutional power grab, patriotic Americans wouldn’t be blamed for feeling powerless when it comes to protecting their country.

Judicial intervention to restrain executive overreach seems highly unlikely, and the spigot for future illegal aliens continues to flow in the form of student and tourist visas, over 100,000 of them granted to our friends from Saudi Arabia¬†within a single week! Even so, there are ways of resisting the advances of those who would benefit from our country’s demise. As Peter Brimelow rightly points out in a timely post castigating Mitt Romney for his deplorable reaction to President Obama’s latest outrage, the ultimate power of decision-making in our representative republic rests with the American public. We are the ones who derailed the last abortive effort to enact the Dream Act during a lame duck session of Congress, and we are the people that thwarted the last major crusade for amnesty during the Bush administration.

And we can make our collective voice heard once again, thanks to the power of the Internet. A good first step is signing the online petition circulated by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an indispensable ally in the struggle to reassert control of our borders and enact a sane, sensible immigration policy. I’d also recommend calling up your congressmen and senators and demanding that they follow the example of Congressman Steve King and Representative Diane Black, two of the only elected officials to speak out against and act to stop Barack Obama’s continued subversion of constitutional and immigration law. While you have your congressmen-or more likely, their staffers-on the line, ask them if they intend to support H.R. 5957, which would immediately halt Obamnesty in its tracks.

One of the unstated objectives of the President’s recent decision to flout the law-beyond the anticipated political windfall he hopes to receive from Hispanic voters in the upcoming presidential election-is to dispirit and depress those of us whom the open borders absolutists perceive as the enemy. This administration wants to eradicate what it views as an institutional obstruction to achieving its most cherished political goals. All the more reason for you to resist its brazen abuses of power, which have never been more apparent than at the present moment.





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