Sharia Law: Coming To America?

January 9, 2012

As those of you familiar with this website well know, Pamela Hall is not only a great photographer, videographer and documentarian, but a good friend of American Rattlesnake. And like  American Rattlesnake, her  websites, The Silent Majority No More and No Mosques At Ground Zero, extend political discussion into the important realm of culture. One of the more recent subjects she’s explored is the intersection between a highly politicized, doctrinaire interpretation of Islam with traditional American institutions, e.g. our constitutional and common law, freedom of association and religion, and national security prerogatives. The video below is the first installment of a seven part series of videos that chronicles a debate sponsored by the Federalist Society, which examined whether the tenets of sharia are being incorporated into American law, and if so whether that is something we should embrace as citizens.

Although somewhat long, the discussion is far from dry. You can listen to the entire debate at one of Pamela’s other websites, Vigilant Squirrel Brigade. I encourage everyone who’s interested in this particular subject to do so, time permitting.

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