The Zapata Investigation (Update); Libertarians Are Wrong Again (Commentary)

February 28, 2011

The ringleaders behind the premeditated murder of special agent Zapata continue to be rounded up south of the border, including two very important handlers of the criminals who shot Zapata and his fellow ICE agent, Victor Avila.

However, I’d like take a step back from the gritty details of this investigation and examine the some of the misguided media coverage of the purported “root causes” of the attack on these two courageous ICE agents. Specifically, the ongoing libertarian narrative that decriminalizing drugs and opening our borders will somehow cause narco-criminal/paramilitary groups like the Zetas and Beltran-Levy cartels to magically disappear.

For the record, I do support some form of marijuana decriminalization, not because I think it will be a panacea for solving the problems currently afflicting Mexico, but because I believe the costs of enforcing pot prohibition have come to outweigh the perceived benefits to the American public. Plus, it is the sort of drug that can be regulated in a relatively routine manner, a la alcohol or tobacco, without incurring great social or economic costs as a society. It would probably decrease the profit margin of most Mexican drug cartels as well, since over sixty percent of the drugs that are imported to the U.S. through Mexico are controlled by gangs that subsist on the profits of marijuana cultivation and/or distribution.

That being said, one of the things that irritates me to no end is the assumption by the left-and for the purposes of this discussion, I’ll include libertarians in that group since they agree with the left wholeheartedly on both Mexico and emigration from Mexico-is the notion that it is the proliferation of drugs in this country-and violence directly related to those drugs in Mexico-is somehow uniquely America’s responsibility. A perfect illustration of this misguided chain of reasoning can be found in a column by the usually perceptive Mary Anastasia’s O’Grady, which was published by the Wall St. Journal the other day. Unfortunately, Rupert Murdoch’s desire to monetize every piece of his media empire means the column is behind a subscription pay wall.

However, if you are a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal-and despite its wrongheaded editorial stance on immigration, it is as good a newspaper as you’ll find in today’s charred media landscape-you would read a column that essentially said we are at fault for the murderous criminals wreaking havoc across the Mexican landscape, including-presumably-the unjustified attacks on agents Avila and Zapata. She even goes so far as to quote approvingly the former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Casteneda,  a wide-ranging pundit, former Communist, and overall slanderer of America and Americans, in support of her assertions. Although, ironically enough, he disagrees with Ms. O’Grady on the issue that is the subject of her patently absurd column.

The notion that we are at fault for Mexico’s problems is not only factually incorrect, it is incontestably racist, if we believe racism to be the application of different sets of standards to different groups of people based upon their skin color, ethnicity, or the cultural-linguistic group to which they belong. As my lodestar in all things in this life, the great Adam Carolla, concludes,

I’d argue that the guilty white liberals in this country are actually more racist. Take the example of drugs coming in from Mexico. The left is basically apologizing to Mexico and explaining that it’s our consumption of these drugs that’s creating the market and funding their corrupt government, police, and army. It’s not the drug dealers’ fault, it’s our fault for consuming the drugs…While constantly completely about racism, they engage in the ultimate racism. They treat Mexico as if they are inferior and incapable of governing themselves. If these drugs were coming out of Canada, they wouldn’t be blaming the U.S. They would insist that Canada fix the problem and fucking fast. It’s belittling and far more racist. 

Just replace the word “liberals” with libertarians and you’ll see our point. BTW, if you haven’t already bought a copy of Adam Carolla’s latest book-I have a hardcover copy, my friend has the book on tape-DO IT, NOW! It even has a great page devoted to explaining why the “building a fence never works” people are complete retards. Here’s the Amazon link where you can purchase the book. Trust me, it’ll be the best twenty-five bucks you’ve ever spent in this country.

In conclusion, libertarians don’t know what they’re talking about-at least with regard to the inextricably linked issues of Mexico and immigration-and Adam Carolla is awesome.

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