Cartel Snuff Films Go Viral (Warning: Graphic Images)

February 26, 2011

While the police dragnet for the murderers of ICE agent Jaime Zapata continues, in spite of potential obstruction by a systematically corrupt Mexican polity, the brutality of the cartels that are thought to have been behind his murder continues to be documented by the news media.

Thanks to Boing Boing, we’ve learned of the lengths to which paramilitary drug cartels such as the Zetas will go in order to intimidate their criminal rivals. In this case, posting the most gruesome images from their attacks on the popular video-sharing website owned by Google. As hideous as these videos might seem, they’re merely documenting a pattern of horrific violence and retribution that has been occurring for years. If you don’t believe me, just skim a story about a series of decapitations aimed at the cartel that allegedly employed the perpetrators of agent Zapata’s murder.

If the audacity and brutal nature of these crimes seem familiar, that’s because they are. They are tactics adopted from the terrorist ¬†groups that have targeted Americans and our allies for the past three decades. Creeping Sharia has a great archive of articles exploring the connections between these Islamic terror organizations and their unlikely partners along the Mexican border.

It shouldn’t take these bone-chilling images to make you aware of the problem inherent in our porous, lightly patrolled southern border, but I do think they clarify the issue before us. Unless we start to address this anarchic situation with serious solutions, the chaos will spread even further into American territory. Even a congressman with relatively liberal immigration views, Devin Nunes, has called for the United States Army to be called into service protecting this nation’s border security in his recently published book.

It is one of the few proposals that would permanently stem the flow of illegal aliens flooding into this country via Mexico. Even the purely cosmetic, politically expedient experiment President Obama conducted with our National Guard was partially successful in deterring illegal border crossings. How much more successful would such a project be if our federal government made a tangible, serious commitment to stop this pandemic of illegality with our nation’s Armed Forces? Perhaps it would even begin to have a salutary impact upon our North American neighbor, so that grisly stories such as the one highlighted in this post won’t have to be published so often in the future.

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One Response to Cartel Snuff Films Go Viral (Warning: Graphic Images)

  1. paul a ticks on February 27, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    What Mr. Perry writes is alas far too true.

    We are witnessing the dismantling of the population of the US, without the population having a vote in this tech]tonic reshufflement.

    It is a crime, and one wishes the principal criminal architect of this dismantlement could be not only impeached, but sent to Mexico to suffer the fates of so many good people who run athwart these lawless drug cartels.

    The country now stinks from the White House head. 2012 cannot come fast enough to give the bum’s rush out to this muslimite, nefarious, clueless, stupid, unimaginably insufferable born-elsewhere (perhaps) ingrate.

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