Reality Imitates The Onion

September 21, 2016

Fifth Avenue Commercial Buildings in w:St. Cloud, Minnesota, listed on the w:National Register of Historic Places. August 15, 2008 Author: Elkman Taken from Wikipedia

We live in strange times.

WCCO’s Esme Murphy spoke with a top community leader who has been working with the family of Dahir Adan since Saturday night.

Haji Yussuf, the founder of the anti-Islamophobia group Unite Cloud, said that Adan left his family apartment to go pick up his new preordered iPhone at the T-Mobile store inside the mall.

“He went out to get an iPhone. He was very happy, he was joyful leaving home,” Yussuf said.

For what it’s worth, we all owe a debt of gratitude to police officer Jason Falconer, who stopped the latest outbreak of sudden jihad syndrome. Even as our government makes it easier for the world’s vibrant skittles to choke and/or poison Americans, we should applaud those willing to actually defend the homeland.


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