Leading From Behind

July 16, 2016

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I have some thoughts on the Republican ticket, one of them slightly unconventional, but will save them for another day. It’s worthwhile spending a post on what’s occurring in the UK, which has important implications for the West going forward.

Peter Hitchens sums up the surreal political dynamics at work within post-Brexit Great Britain. A nation which voted decisively to sever its ties to the unnatural, dysfunctional European superstate, yet now finds itself led by someone who wouldn’t look out of place at the European Commission. In fact, the former chair of the EC, now holding a lucrative sinecure advising Goldman Sachs, could serve as the model for Ms. May once she retires from 10 Downing Street. It truly is remarkable that the Conservative Party is now led by a full-fledged social justice warrior, with a concomitant dedication to militant feminism, sharia compliance and utterly meaningless political cliches. Someone who believes there’s a direct correlation between a fire department’s efficacy and the percentage of its employees who aren’t white.

It seems fitting that someone without the courage to campaign on behalf of her professed beliefs has become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom without the consent of her party’s voters. As Hitchens and other genuine conservaties have pointed out in the past, the people who ostensibly represent the British public are merely ciphers for special interests who could care less about the welfare of their constituents, so it’s perfectly reasonable for them to cut out the middlemen, i.e. Britons. Even the decision to give ordinary voters a chance to determine their country’s future is anathema to these folks, as countless post-Brexit op-eds lamenting the stupidity of David Cameron’s decision to hold this referendum make clear. The contempt the British elites and their accomplices among the rabble have for any potentially negative feedback or resistance to their aims is simply astonishing.

Another illustration of the disconnect between the managerial elite and the individuals they presume to rule is the Pavlovian response of feminists, among others, to innocuous remarks made by Theresa May’s former opponent about motherhood, which were naturally taken out of context by the likes of The Guardian. Even if Andrea Leadsom had questioned the commitment of May to the future of Great Britain because of her family’s lack of children, so what? Why is this is an illegitimate question at a time when the childless ruler of Germany has become the matriarch to millions of Muslims that are rapidly effacing a country which has been free and united for less than 3 decades? This reaction is particularly ironic coming from people who have spent the last half-century investing  every personal choice with political consequences.

Whether or not Theresa May will put the final nail in the coffin of the European Project-and it should be noted that her initial cabinet choices have won praise from some genuine conservatives, including Nigel Farage-remains to be seen. However, even if Brexit means Brexit, there is a larger question: where is the West headed? Civilization is under threat on multiple fronts, but the biggest challenge is internal. The picture postcard French Riviera is a jihadist breeding ground. Bavaria no longer means beautiful women dressed in dirndls or the Maibaum but being policed by people who come from countries like Egypt and Syria. The lovely river Thames flows through a city which would be unrecognizable to its former inhabitants. BTW, it’s not racist to discuss this diaspora, no matter how much it offends the sensibilities of Guardianistas.

This is not reactionary, anti-immigrant demagoguery or outlandish conspiracy theory, it’s reality. Remaining on the same path, with one or two cosmetic changes, is not prudence or enlightenment, it’s collective suicide. Once we’ve recognized that as a culture, we will have begun the process to preserve our world.



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