July 30, 2016

One of the intellectual curiosities New Yorkers, particularly those of a libertarian bent, have enjoyed for over 3 decades is Junto. A monthly gathering which explores the political and economic issues of our time, it’s hosted by Victor Niederhoffer, a trader and writer who brings his own unique perspective to each stimulating debate and/or lecture held at the General Society’s library building.

Next month will be a special occasion, as Mr. Neiderhoffer will be the featured speaker in a discussion of the Shibboleths of the Market. You can RSVP at the previous link if you’d like to join him and others for a fascinating lecture-I personally recommend going to at least one Junto in your life-time. In September, another completely different debate series, called The Soho Forum, will begin. I hope to see a few of my readers at what promises to be some stimulating public conversations in the future.



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