Equal Justice

July 9, 2016



The despicable whitewashing of Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance continues to generate outrage in the unlikeliest places, including the usually ridiculous Huffington Post. The exoneration of the former Secretary of State at the hands of someone who has shown a penchant for overlooking the crimes of Clintonian public officials has raised the hackles of people across the political spectrum.

Some of these individuals have decided to make their displeasure known through protest, including an upcoming demonstration in front of the FBI office in Bedford, New Hampshire. While I can understand a reluctance to criticize an administration known for its persecution of perceived political opponents, there is also something to be said for standing up for  an important principle. Namely, equality under the law.

If there’s anyone willing to put their beliefs on the line, it’s residents of the Free State. So joint NHExit and others in calling for some accountability and honesty from a seemingly unaccountable government this Monday!

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