Leave Now (The Case For Brexit)

June 1, 2016

Pat Condell, in his own inimitable way, cuts to the heart of the issue. Although we’ve spent the better part of a week demonstrating how Internet monopolies like Google and Facebook are subtly or blatantly manipulating the type of news we ingest, the truth is that there are much larger, more pernicious forces at work. These new media giants are collaborating with states and supranational entities in order to suppress ideas they don’t like, as the latest news about their pact with the EU to eliminate hate speech illustrates. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to infer what type of speech will be quarantined under this scenario.

So not only must Europeans docilely accept the effacement of their countries and their civilization, they must not utter a harsh word against their rulers.¬†They must watch as Project Fear demonizes them as the other and contrives spurious scenarios of economic catastrophe in order to deprive them of their natural rights without speaking up. The world these Eurocrats seek to create is one which makes Vladimir Putin’s Potemkin democracy look enviable by comparison, which is why the failed European project needs to be rejected, emphatically, by voters both within the UK and throughout Europe.

Addendum: Ingrid Carlqvist’s Facebook account has been reinstated! So I guess public shaming does work in some cases.




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