Bloody Borders

June 16, 2016

Although there have been numerous global jihadist assaults since my last post-including an unsuccessful attack carried out by a Somali Muslim immigrant in a Texas town forced to accept the resettlement of refugees and the beheading of a Canadian hostage taken by Abu Sayyaf-it’s worth reflecting upon the atrocity which took place at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Not simply because of the staggering toll-you can read the stories of those who were killed here-but because the post-Orlando political climate is a reflection of our bizarre national discourse at the moment.

While a courageous few are willing to speak truth to power-in the face of censorship by those who feel that the violence of Islam will evaporate once its critics are erased-our esteemed leaders continue to value their narrative of vibrant diversity over real human lives. The only way to combat this disease-which not only threatens our lives but our hard-won freedoms-is to confront it head-on. Share this video-as well that of Milo’s press conference, which begins 12 minutes in-and begin to challenge the insidious lies which ignore a mountain of corpses.

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