May Day Melee

May 4, 2016

Although once known as a day of euphoric celebration in pre-Christian pagan cultures, May Day commemorations are now reserved almost exclusively for Marxist outpourings of grievance and violent riots by entrenched labor unions and disgruntled trustafarians. While I would prefer the day be dedicated to the over hundred million victims of Communism, that seems like a forlorn hope in today’s political climate.

That said, our good friends Pamela Hall and Joanna Marzullo were able to capture some of the absurdity of the May Day Morlocks-at least, those brave enough to withstand the rain-for us all. You can see some of the photos both here and here, and watch an encounter between NY ICE and its foes here. Shockingly, open borders, thuggish, crypto-Marxist bullies are not overly eager to engage in civil discourse. Who would have thought?!

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