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May 2, 2016

This site has not endorsed a candidate in this presidential election, even as the primary season draws to a close. What’s more, the idea of investing your hope in a politician-however charismatic or sincere he may seem-is something that I instinctually and categorically reject. Even those who maintain that Trump is the best available option concede that he might very well be a huge disappointment if elected. However, his commitment to highlight the horrific toll illegal immigration has taken upon our society-and his boldness in spotlighting the human¬†tragedy caused by our government’s cupidity -is praiseworthy, regardless of whatever reservations you might have about Donald Trump as a person or politician.

If the only thing his campaign accomplishes is making the rest of America aware of the names that our pathetic media have tried to efface from history, allowing them to learn who Jamiel Shaw Jr., Kathryn Steinle, Tony, Michael, and Matthew Bologna were and why they were senselessly murdered, then it can be counted a success-and more worthwhile than almost every Republican presidential campaign of the past 3 decades. Can you imagine a John Kasich, a Mitt Romney, or a Marco Rubio standing beside and embracing Jamiel Shaw Sr. in front of a room filled with national and international reporters? To ask the question is to answer it.

So, regardless of who you intend on voting for tomorrow-if you happen to live in Indiana-or in the future, should this race continue, listen to the words of Jamiel Shaw Sr. His is a voice that has never been heard on a national political stage until this election. It’s one that should be broadcast to every potential voter across this nation, not the mindless cacophony ¬†and hatred of those who’ve colonized California.


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