Victims Of Illegal Alien Crime Speak Out (Watch Live)

April 28, 2016

Congressman Jason Chaffetz

While the American public is incessantly regaled with tales of woe featuring illegal aliens and their downtrodden family members, the victims of our government’s endorsement of illegal immigration rarely have their voices heard. While the criminal negligence of municipal, state and federal agencies occasionally capture the attention of media outlets-as happened immediately after Kathryn Steinle’s senseless murder by a criminal alien in San Francisco-press coverage of this subject rapidly vanishes.

That does not mean, however, that the number of victims is declining. To the contrary, this administration’s reckless policies of importing scores of new aliens-while giving amnesty to those currently residing in the United States-has only increased the threat to American citizens, as the death of Sarah Root demonstrates. That’s why today’s hearing, which will include the stories of family members who have been irreparably harmed by this administration’s warped priorities, is so vital. Watch the full hearing live.

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