Freedom Of Conscience (Stand With Pam)

April 26, 2016


Pamela Geller

For those of you still laboring under the impression that Islam is not at war with the West-including the presumptive Democratic nominee for President-I have some shocking news. It turns out that the followers of Mohammed have other ideas. The plan to assassinate free speech, counterjihad activist Pamela Geller-which was, thankfully, thwarted through the work of the FBI and a tactically placed drone strike-was simply one of many plots devised by jihadist networks which have agents inside of the United States. Networks that have yet to be penetrated by American human intelligence and which now have a steady supply of recruits thanks to horrifically misguided immigration policies.

What should continue to infuriate those of you who have been paying attention is the way this issue is being framed by willfully ignorant and/or malicious hacks within the enemedia. A typical example of journalistic malpractice can be found in the Daily Mail, which-as Robert Spencer points out-has the strange distinction of being the newspaper most preoccupied with the Islamification of Europe while simultaneously denying that Islam itself is a problem. Apparently, the target of at least 2 known assassination plots provoked her would-be murderers by publicly dissenting from the dogma promulgated by the Fourth Estate’s favorite religion. A religion which is unique in enjoying blanket immunity from criticism.

Perhaps that has something to do with how adherents to the Religion of Peace deal with legitimate critiques of their faith. A pattern of violence and coercion that can be traced back to the founder of this religion, who himself didn’t countenance rational criticism. This campaign of brutality and intolerance has been so successful that it has silenced all but a few courageous voices in the West, which in turn makes it that much easier for jihadists to hunt down its intended targets, a reality which hasn’t been lost on Mark Steyn. It has also turned the mainstream media, ranging from commercial and public broadcasting networks-both radio and television-cable news, national and regional newspapers, and incredibly powerful websites into mouthpieces for the most retrograde, illiberal ideology known to man.

One wonders if the people asserting that Pamela Geller “provoked” these Islamic bombs-duds, fortunately, in this case-feel the same way about Gerard O’Neill and Dick Lehr. Did they provoke mobster James Bulger Jr. through their critical investigative reporting into his murderous criminal empire? What about controversial author and radio host Howie Carr? Was the grizzled Irish mobster nicknamed Whitey justified in his attempt to eliminate Carr for his insolence? Employing the logic used by the regressive left to slander Geller and her allies in the counter-jihad movement, one would come to that ineluctable conclusion.

What’s perplexing  is the implicit assumption that by blackening the name of  notorious “Islamophobes” and trying to preempt any public debate on the nature of Islam these journalists are assuring their own safety, which could not be further from the truth. The idea that you can somehow preserve the institutions of Western civilization  for yourself while eroding them for your perceived enemies-who actually believe in and exercise those values, unlike your reactionary Islamist allies-is a staggering form of cognitive dissonance. The brutal, globally shared execution of non-right wing, non-Islamophobic journalist Steven Sotloff should have demonstrated this, if the murder of dozens of other journalists, NGO workers, and even an Israel-hating, Italian Marxist did not. Somehow, the rather elementary notion that you can’t compromise with people who demand your complete and utter submission-up to and including your own death-hasn’t penetrated the minds of those who man North American and European news desks.

The collective amnesia these individuals must suffer from is astounding to contemplate. I would recommend reading The Camp of the Saints, a grim portrait of the future of the West, but I doubt it would change their minds, which seem predetermined to ignore any portions of reality which conflict with their surreal conception of human nature. Then again, there’s always the chance that some will come to their senses. If so, perhaps Pamela Geller won’t be our Cassandra. If not, we have a bleak future, and many regrets, ahead of us.




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4 Responses to Freedom Of Conscience (Stand With Pam)

  1. PRITHVI RAJ DUBEY on April 26, 2016 at 11:41 AM

    Having been associated with American Patriots in their war against Islamic Tyranny and Islamists War on Women, I have witnessed entire Developments since January 2014.Pamela Geller stood as Rock with Patriots and Inspite of Clear Sweep in Midterm elections in Nov 2014, not only Democrats and Republicans stood hand in glove togetherness but Obama carried on his PRO Muslim policies Inspite of Rejection in midterm polls, he completed Nuke-treaty with staunch Enemy Iran who keep cursing and threatening America of total Destruction. OBAMA used his Power and Position to help Enemies of America and offend Friends of USA. ISIS displaced Muslims and Migration posed huge problem to World, USA. When JIHADIS were killing worldwide including Charlie Hebdo Paris, Obama was showing utter defiance to We the People, trying to bring laws to weaken Americans and benefits to Illegal Migrants,
    Republican, Democrats were helping the Design of Obama, Pamela Geller
    Not only stood strongly with Patriots but stood as a symbol of Unity & Strength. Pamela Geller risked her Life but protected the Rights of Freedom and Liberty enjoyed by American people, which Obama and Muslims through CAIR, want to snatched away. PAMELA GELLER is hated by Enemies of America whose attempts to make Paris of America were thwarted by Farsightedness of Pamela Geller. Who else in America is on HitList of Islamists, except Pamela Geller. Even today she works hard in this Direction. Presidents will come and go but Pamela Geller is With the People, For the People. Let’s not make Cassandra of her. She is Diana.

  2. Lia on April 27, 2016 at 2:49 AM

    There are both leaders of countries (non-islamic countries) and newspapers in those countries, who seem to have no concept of history, who know nothing about islam and do not grasp what islamic leaders say. They are killing all of us, plus … eventually, themselves.

  3. John L Frenzel on April 27, 2016 at 10:29 AM

    15 years ago I believed Islam was a religion, then we had the debacle of September the 11th.
    At first I was confused by the governments response, but followed on because I trusted President Bush would act in our interest, then I began to study Islam.
    After reading and studying the life of Mohamed, I have concluded he was a Hedonist, a master criminal, and a predator on every level. Using the tactics of the Thuggee caste of India, he had adopted and plagiarized the outward demonstrations of piety as a means to deceive, infiltrate, disarm, and subjugate caravans in the desert, after which he took his tactics to town, promising his followers booty after the manner of every pirate, he had no problem aquiring dishonest men into his league.
    After his death, brought about by poison from a woman whose family his men had murdered, and he had claimed as booty,(he got 1/5th of everything his men looted) his followers carried on his faux religion scam as it was a highly profitable business, being predators always is. It has now been 14 centuries, we have seen this brutality wax and wane as people become enlightened and forgetful, his message of empowering oneself through slavery and theft rigs on in the mind of amoral men. Whose lynch mob?

  4. Con Ken on April 28, 2016 at 12:16 PM

    Very well written, very well said, but pamella gellar has to be careful with singular stories to make sure they r truthful.
    As one man said, you can write a 1000 true stories, but your journalistic honor and trust can be shattered by one false story that was not researched thought .

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