Unpleasant Truths (Europe Under Siege)

March 24, 2016


The aftermath of the jihadist assault in Brussels has been filled with familiar scenes. From the puerile and utterly beside the point reactions of locals-rightly ridiculed by Gavin McInnes when seen on the streets of Paris in the wake of the Bataclan massacre-to the predictable, almost immediate trend pieces decrying a non-existent anti-Muslim backlash, it seems as if our civilization is stuck in a loop of self-deluding myopia. If you want to understand why the attacks on Brussels occurred-and why similar massacres have occurred in the past, and will likely recur in the future, both in Europe and the United States-then the video above is a good starting point.

The Spectator has also been a surprisingly strong bulwark against the insipid, noxious conventional wisdom being churned out in ever greater quantities, even as the premises upon which it is based are shattered. I especially recommend Douglas Murray’s column, which emphasizes the disconnect between reality and the fantasy created by Islamic-friendly opinion-makers in the West. The utter inability of European governments to defeat the Islamic State on a philosophical, much less practical, level is explored in a fantastic Brendan O’Neill piece. Finally, Ed West lays out some uncomfortable truths which I’m certain those ensconced in the parallel universe of the European Union bureaucracy are sure to ignore.

The idea that Brussels will remain Brussels, or Europe remain Europe, or that the past half century of reverse colonization has done nothing to render this cliche completely meaningless-as most cliches are-needs to be forcefully rejected. We are witnessing the latest iteration of an ideology which has transformed paradise on earth into an antechamber to hell, and which will surely do the same to the source of the Enlightenment if we do nothing to challenge its precepts and confront its apologists.







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