Epidemiology Out The Window

March 7, 2016

Poster for treatment of syphilis, showing text and design of an anchor and a cross. Created/Published: Rochester, N.Y.: WPA Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1938. Creator: Hans Erik Krause, born 1899, artist.

Even as the horse race aspect of this presidential election consumes ever more air-time, the current administration continues to enact immigration policies by administrative fiat which have the potential to harm scores of Americans. A case in point is its recent decision to remove some sexually transmitted infections from the list of diseases which bar entry to the United States. To comprehend why this is such a dangerous, idiotic idea, look no further than Jon Feere’s analysis in this fantastic CIS backgrounder.

The increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases-particularly HIV/AIDS-among migrant communities has been extensively documented, and the fact that this decision will put the health and safety of more individuals at risk is beyond dispute. Yet the overriding, and seemingly sole, motivation of open borders dogmatists seems to be the elimination of any external or internal immigration barriers which obstruct the desires of foreign nationals now living in the developing world.

Of course, the routine prophylactic measures employed in the past to prevent epidemics from spreading throughout the United States would now be derided as xenophobic and racist impositions upon poor, beleaguered migrants. Times have changed, but in some ways, not always for the better.

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One Response to Epidemiology Out The Window

  1. lee on January 6, 2017 at 10:31 PM

    Asian immigrants have 6x average for TB, Hep B and HIV/Aids. Nice job of keeping Americans safe. We need a new govt and we need it quick. More Obama screw ups, or is it intentional?

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