Desert Visions (Update on Dicks Peak Fire)

March 30, 2016

640px-Coronado_Natl_Forest_Nima1 Author: Zereshk

The chaotic, lawless status quo maintained on our southern border is one of our least-reported domestic catastrophes. This isn’t surprising when you consider the fact that our news media view themselves primarily as a platform for immigrants, illegal aliens and their benefactors more than objective outlets designed to convey pertinent information to the broader American public. Even when the invasion of American territory is grudgingly acknowledged by the press, it is framed in such a way as to make those trying to protect the integrity of our borders seem like mendacious, reactionary charlatans. The fact that human smugglers and brutal narco cartels are exploiting our government’s beneficence in order to ply their trade is not nearly as compelling to news anchors as the plight of doe-eyed DREAMers.

Thankfully, there are American citizens who are unwilling to put up with the wanton destruction of their property, subversion of their rights, and defamation of their character. One of these intrepid individuals is our friend Cindy Kolb, who has been reporting from the front lines of this undeclared war for many years. The latest incursion being Dicks Peak Fire, whose cause is still unknown but which would not be out of character for illegal aliens trespassing onto American territory. Whatever the cause of this particular forest fire, the danger posed to our national treasures and beautiful natural wilderness remains great as long as our public officials refuse to take their oaths of office seriously.

Thanks, Cindy, for alerting us to the public hazards created by our public officials!

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