The Pope vs. The United States

February 18, 2016



Update: C’mon, guys! You know that walls don’t work.

Pope Francis, as you may have heard, visited the drug and violence-plagued city of Juarez yesterday. A place where hundreds of  women have fallen prey to the sadistic whims of Mexican drug cartels-often with the complicity of corrupt public institutions.  Leaving aside the loathsome presence of pederast-enabler Roger Mahoney-who, like much of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church in this country, has managed to escape criminal prosecution for his misdeeds-one of the most remarkable aspects of his trip is the way it has been framed by the mainstream media. Namely, as an ideological battle between the head of the Catholic Church and the leading Republican presidential candidate.

As if you need to be a Trump supporter in order to reject the dogma of open borders, or be unpersuaded by the facile arguments put forward by proponents of unfettered immigration to the United States. Compassion is not the exclusive preserve of anti-borders activists, and the the notion that it’s mean-spirited to want rational immigration policies which defend American interests is viscerally offensive. The disastrous results of this failed experiment are manifest for anyone willing to honestly examine the subject, and no sanctimonious lectures from religious authorities is going to change that.

A large part of the blame for this untenable situation lies at the feet of the American government, but Mexico is also responsible for its role in this debacle, including its refusal to offer asylum to desperate refugees fleeing Central American nations to its south. However, the inescapable fact is that however we apportion blame there is no reason we should compromise American sovereignty in order to placate foreign heads of state, whether secular or ecclesiastical. That is a message that needs to be driven home this election year, both domestically and abroad.




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