Supreme Politics

February 16, 2016


Many of you are probably wondering how the untimely passing of Justice Scalia will impact Texas vs. United States, the landmark case which will determine whether or not President Obama has the authority to unilaterally modify federal immigration law. Thankfully, Jon Feere ┬áhas a written a fantastic blog entry which explains all of the possible permutations that could go into a Supreme Court decision with 8 justices, presuming-of course-that Antonin Scalia’s seat is not filled by the time this case is decided.

You can read it for yourself on the Center for Immigration Studies website. To get an idea of why Scalia was so respected by conservative intellectuals, we recommend reading his caustic dissent in Arizona v. United States, which exposed some of the flaws in logic of open borders advocates. This is essential reading as we head into what should be one of the most consequential sessions in recent memory.

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