Live Free or Die

February 9, 2016



Update: According to CNN projections¬†Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have emerged victorious from tonight’s primary. Notch one for the¬†notoriously inaccurate polling industry!¬†

We’ll see whether New Hampshire lives up to its state motto later tonight, although the pickings are rather slim in this regard. You can follow the undoubtedly dubious exit polling data from ABC News here. Until the final results come in, we recommend reading Mark Krikorian’s excellent anti-Rubio polemic published by National Review Online earlier today.

Although generally regarded as more conservative than others vying furiously for the establishment vote, i.e. the cheap labor and cheap votes coalition, Rubio is actually a rather dismal echo of his equally open borders primary competitors. If you need proof of this, look no further than his corporate benefactors. That being said, expect media shills-of both the corporatist Republican and bien pensant liberal variety-to continue extolling the virtues of Univision’s favorite GOPer.

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