Ungrateful Invaders

January 12, 2016

The sans culottes of the treason lobby-as well as their illegal alien shock troops-took to the streets recently in order to inveigh against President Obama’s symbolic, pathetic action against OTMs from Central America. I wonder why the American public isn’t more enamored of these lovely young DREAMers.  You can watch Part II here. The after-action report by Joanna Marzullo can be read after the jump. 

The video above shows the illegals and their supporters blocking traffic near the ICE Center on Varick Street.  
With signs that say “F*CK ICE” and “F*CK Your Borders”, they block traffic during lunch hour and generally demonstrate that they feel like an entitled mob. They also sit on cars.
One driver that they harass says he is trying to simply get to work, but they don’t care.  And all this occurs despite the honking of horns by drivers trying to get to their destinations, for whom these demonstrators have complete disregard.
They created chaos during a NYC lunch hour, and they don’t care, as long as they got in their street theater.
Of notable absence is any politician or political candidate.
They care little if ambulances or emergency vehicles are trying to pass.  The positive gleaned from all of this is that more people will come to our side after seeing the siege they try to put us under.  As one of our more recent NY ICE Members put it, “This has to STOP”.

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